Japanese Culture and Communication Courses

My company – JapanBridge – offers seminars and courses in Japanese Culture and Communication, for companies as well as for individuals and groups.

Through my more than 30 years of martial arts training, visits and stays in Japan, and through my family ties to this wonderful country, I have gained experience and insight in many important areas of Japanese culture, and the subtle aspects of communication in Japanese society.

These courses give the participants the necessary tools to gain cultural insight. This insight is a gateway to learning the correct forms of communication on a personal level when in Japan or when communicatiing with Japanese people.

For companies and businesses large and small travelling to Japan, as well as for private individuals or groups, the following is worthy of attention:

Correct understanding of Japanese etiquette and culture is a must, if you wish to establish a good relationship with the people you come into contact with in Japan.

This connection takes place the first time you meet and greet your Japanese counterpart, when you have your first meal together, how you behave during the meal, when and how you present the souvenirs you have brought with you – all these situations and many more are scenarios you will experience in Japan. The signals that are sent in these situations will have a great influence on your counterpart’s initial experience of you as a person.

Being aware of the effect that your behaviour has in social situations is extremely important when establishing a close and positive relationship to the people you will be communicating with while in Japan, or in social situations with Japanese people.

Japanese Culture and Communications Courses are extremely useful for first time travellers to Japan, as well as for people who have had prior experience with this country who wish to add to their understanding of Japanese culture and etiquette.

Please refer to my company website www.english.japanbridge.dk for further information regarding the courses.

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