Aikido training seminars for schools and other groups

Even though Aikido is a dynamic martial art, with effective locking techniques and powerful throws, this elegant martial art can be trained easily by everyone, in a safe and enjoyable manner, by people of all ages.

As Aikido is based on natural movements, and the principle of nonresistance with your opponent’s strength, it is possible for men and women, both young and old, to train with great pleasure.
Aikido is a defensive, non-aggressive martial art. The principles of Aikido form the foundation for many conflict resolution systems.

Schools in Germany have Aikido in their curriculum, it is called ”Anti-Agressive Training.” The training is of great benefit for the students, teaching them personal integrity and non-violent behavior.
Especially for school students, Aikido can be of great help, allowing the students to burn off excess energy in a positive, non-competitive environment, while teaching them about important social values and principles.

Schoolteachers can also benefit from Aikido training, learning useful skills in non-violent self-defense, as well as the understanding of the principles relating to conflict resolution inherent in Aikido training.

Introduce Aikido to your school or institution, and benefit from a healthy workout, and learn practical and ethical self-defense training at the same time!

For more information, prices and booking:

tel.: 4086 3212

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