Company Aikido 

The western business world has throughout the past years been aware of the principles of strategy and tactics found in the Japanese martial arts, and how they can be applied in the world of business.
Especially the book “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi has been popular in the business world.

Some points in this very interesting book are useful in business strategy, but most of what is written is quite esoteric, and requires deep insight into the world of martial arts and the principles to fully comprehend what is written.

Experiencing Aikido in its physical form enables you to understand some of these deeper martial arts principles quite directly. Principles such as non-aggression, blending with your opponent’s strength instead of opposing it, and many other underlying aspects of Aikido can easily be assimilated. The application of these principles to other areas of our lives such as social communication and negotiating with people are readily apparent after experiencing Aikido in its physical form.

Why not make Aikido training a part of your training schedule, instead of sitting on an excersize bicycle or running on a treadmill?

Aikido can be brought to the company, and taught to groups both large and small. Classes can also be arranged at my training facility.
For further information, prices and booking:

tel.: 4086 3212

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