The page layout

I start by choosing the block for COLUMNS and choose the size 70 -30

Which gives a large column for text here and a narrower column for the right side

The layout for the THEME is with a standard sidebar – but placed on the left.

So your Ethan Weisgard information shows up on the left with a photo of you.

Theis is the right hand column for additional info or pictures.

In the case of the DISCOGRAPHY I split this column into an additional two columns of 50/50 which gave it more space on the left side . I filled the text into the righthand side

Like this:

nada here

Dr. Dopo Jam Entree  1973
Fat Dogs & Danishmen 1974

Buki-Yamaz 1975

Segundo  1976

Cox Orange  1978

Cox Orange 2 ‎ 1980

Danish Radio Big Band: Crackdown – First U.K. Tour 1988

Aura by Miles Davis  1989

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