I began to play the drums at the age of seven. After moving to Denmark with my family in 1969, I began playing music professionally at the age of 15.

My instruments are drums, congas, timbales, bongos and hand percussion. The styles I play range from Rock and Funk through Cuban, Brazilian, Fusion and Jazz. Continue>>


Aikido training at Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo

In 2003 I started my own dojo in the beautiful Japanese culture center called Seidokan Japan Center, in Valby, Copenhagen. Continue>>


Aikido training seminars for other Aikido clubs
I teach seminars for other Aikido clubs, no matter what style or affiliation.
I teach Tai Jutsu (empty-handed techniques), and traditional Aiki-ken (sword) and Aiki-jo (staff).
The contents of these seminars can be combined to fit the specific wishes of the club. The seminar can be focused on tai jutsu, weapons or a combination of both. Continue>>


Aikido training seminars for other martial arts clubs
Aikido training seminars can be arranged for other martial arts clubs, without having to have any prior experience in Aikido training. The techniques of Aikido will be presented and taught in an easy to learn, step-by-step form. Continue>>


Aikido training seminars for schools and other groups
Even though Aikido is a dynamic martial art, with effective locking techniques and powerful throws, this elegant martial art can be trained easily by everyone, in a safe and enjoayble manner, by people of all ages.

Because Aikido is based on natural movements, and the principle of not clashing with your opponent’s strength, it is possible for men and women, both yound and old,to train with great pleasure.
Aikido is a defensive, non-aggressive martial art. The principles of Aikido form the foundation for many conflict resolution systems. Continue>>

Company Aikido
The western business world has throughout the past many years been aware of the principles of strategy and tactics found in the Japanese martial arts, and how they can be applied in the world of business. Continue>>

JapanBridge – Japanese Culture and Communication Seminars
Through my more than 30 years of martial arts training, visits and stays in Japan, and through my family ties to this wonderful country, I have gained experience and insight in very many important areas of Japanese culture, and the subtle aspects of communication in Japanese society.

These courses give the participants the necessary tools to use in gaining cultural insight. This insight is a gateway to learning the correct forms of communication on a personal level when in Japan or when communicatiing with Japanese people. Continue>>

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